Floral Embroidery Round Toe Lace-Up Sneakers - Blue

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Lace into something new R&B with these superbly cushioned blue colored sneakers. Crafted from fabric. Inspired by an evolving lifestyle, the collection was created to be worn on your terms, at any pace. Featuring round toe, flat heel shape, flat heel height and class comfort, designed to make you feel sensational with every step along a winding path.

SKU : 119-1390FL005-3-RB-NVYBLE
النوع : نساء
Upper Material : Fabric
طول الكعب : مسطح (فلات)
شكل مقدمة الحذاء : دائرية
لون المنتج : Blue
الخامات : Fabric
اسم العلامة التجارية : أر آند بي
Sole : Rubber Sole
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